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    This “Uptown Funk” Parody Is The Anthem Every Toronto Raptors Fan Needs

    Bring it home to the 6!

    The NBA 2015 Playoffs are just around the corner and Toronto fans are already getting pumped up!

    @Raptors vs @WashWizards series schedule! Gm. 1, Saturday at 12:30! Let's go Raptors! #WeTheNorth #RTZ

    I'm beyond excited for Saturday!!! We about to show the Wiz the "it" factor! #WeTheNorth #Raptors #RTZ #ItsGoingDownForReal

    fast forward to Saturday at 1pm please? #WeTheNorth #RTZ

    I can't even sleep. RT @TeamLou23: Saturday Saturday Saturday... Can't wait... Fans been waiting all year for this. #WeTheNorth

    Then a few days ago YouTuber Adam Jesin uploaded what is possibly THE GREATEST parody of Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” to date.

    Adam Jesin / Via

    The music of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars sprinkled with Raptor references is TRUE ARTISTRY.

    Of course, spokesperson for all things Toronto, Drake and his trusty lint roller received an honourable mention.

    Adam Jesin / Via

    Even 50 Cent makes a special cameo appearance!

    Adam Jesin / Via

    “Northern Funk,” in all of its glory, will be the triumphant fight song that'll take Canada’s team to the very end of the tournament.

    NBAClip / Via

    Excited Raptors Fan: Do you smell that? That’s the smell of victory.

    Really Excited Raptors Fan: *sniff**sniff* Really! Because it kind of smells more like Northern funk in here.

    Both: What’s the difference?!

    Watch the video here:

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    Adam Jesin / Via