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This Is What It Sounds Like When You Replace The Audio From The Matrix With 8-Bit Sound Effects

This must have been someone's 8-bit dream world.

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This '80s throwback to video games started off as a school project for an Audio Production class for Phillip Raupach, a film student from SFSU.

He entered this fun little project into SFSU BECA Fest, an annual student showcase for film students, and ended up winning the award for Best Sound Design.

Every detail from this entire scene was reworked with real 8-bit sounds, from the dialogue...

Warner Bros. Pictures the sounds of gaining precious items and becoming a stronger fighter!

Warner Bros. Pictures

His jumps sound just like Mario's!

Warner Bros. Pictures

You gotta hear it to believe it! Watch the entire fight scene here.

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Phillip Raupach / Via

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