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This Is How A Home Brewery Run By The Heisenberg Of Booze Would Look Like

Minus the meth, drug cartels, and cancer, of course.

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He's got to diversify his product line!

Clawhammer Supply / Via

Unlike the original Heisenberg, this guy doesn't solely rely on the sale of one product to keep his hunger for money in check.

Color-coded 3 gallon carboys for four different clients

Green: Irish pub

Red: Corporate BBQ

Orange: Wedding

Yellow: 21-year olds who can't tell the difference between the good stuff and the watered down stuff.

Late-night brewing to get that shipment done on time

This setup is reserved for those "my-family-will-be-in-danger-if-I-don't-produce-100-gallons-by-tomorrow-morning" type of scenarios.

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