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The 23 Stages You Go Through When You Love A New Song

Abuse that replay button!

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1. When you first hear it:

2. All of your friends and family are really into it

3. You're willing to give the song a few more chances to impress your ears

4. You realize how much you relate to the lyrics

5. You scream "That's my new jam!" whenever someone mentions the song

6. You quote the lyrics on all social media

7. Give an unbelievable impromptu performance in the shower

8. "I've gotta set this song on Repeat"

9. You pretend it's your personal theme song when you hear it during your morning commute

10. The song gets stuck in your head, and you're loving it

11. When the music video is released:

12. Saying any part of the lyrics in everyday conversation triggers you to belt out into a musical number

13. Okay, this is all kinda getting out of hand

14. People constantlly call your radio station with requests to play the song

15. You can't get the song out of your head, and you hate your brain for making you listen to it again

16. You hear the song everywhere you go

17. You groan every time the song starts playing on Spotify

18. Then suddenly, nobody talks about the song anymore

19. You start to develop new feelings for newer music

20. You get rid of that tiresome song from your life

21. Years later, nostalgia for the song creeps its way back into your life

22. You find a pair of headphones, set some mood lighting, and hit "Play"

23. Rekindled love!

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