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    22 Signs You Went To Elementary School In Canada

    What actually happens at school on PD day?

    1. You were a Grade 6 student, not a 6th grade student.

    2. Your teacher dropped everything to watch an Olympic gold medal hockey game.

    Olympic hockey fever has taken over At our school. We might as well give in...

    3. You still have recurring nightmares about this genetically engineered pineapple to this day.

    4. You've been to a local maple sugar bush for a field trip at least once.

    5. Your school blasted every version of "O Canada" in existence over the P.A. system. throughout the year.

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    6. Dr. & Mrs. Vandertramp were the unsung heroes of your French class.

    @SNIFFteenspirit Googled Dr. and Mrs. Vandertramp for help and this came up. Kinda strange @SNIFFteenspirit

    7. You constantly had to add words like "jewellery," "pyjamas," and "cheque" to Microsoft Word's dictionary.

    8. When there was a bad storm, you spent recess indoors where you were provided with a box of friendship-destroying games "for your entertainment."

    9. You never had a Terry Fox Day that didn’t involve bundling up and walking a kilometer in the chilly autumn weather with your entire school.

    10. The struggle of colouring the water around the islands of Nunavut was too real.

    11. And you used pencil crayons to colour in the map of Canada, not colored pencils.

    12. You spent an entire period in the computer lab playing Cross Country Canada.

    13. Hearing on the radio that your school was closed “due to inclement weather” was like a divine gift from the heavens.

    14. Your French teacher would only let you go to the bathroom if you asked in French.

    15. You never questioned why you had the day off on PD Day (or PA Day in Ontario).

    16. But you never truly understood what the hell teachers did at school on PD days.

    17. You've secretly sniffed a Hilroy exercise book whenever your teacher gave you a new one.

    18. You used the acronym, BEDMAS for algebra, instead of PEDMAS.

    19. You learned how to measure distances using a meter stick, not a yard stick.

    A random chap just stopped me to complement my metre stick #notaeuphemism

    20. You called this presentation must-have bristol board, not poster board.

    21. All of your worksheets were firmly secure in a duo-tang.

    22. Every song you learned in kindergarten rhymed...except for the "Alphabet Song."