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22 Signs You Went To Elementary School In Canada

What actually happens at school on PD day?

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2. Your teacher dropped everything to watch an Olympic gold medal hockey game.

Olympic hockey fever has taken over At our school. We might as well give in...


5. Your school blasted every version of "O Canada" in existence over the P.A. system. throughout the year.

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6. Dr. & Mrs. Vandertramp were the unsung heroes of your French class.

@SNIFFteenspirit Googled Dr. and Mrs. Vandertramp for help and this came up. Kinda strange @SNIFFteenspirit


9. You never had a Terry Fox Day that didn’t involve bundling up and walking a kilometer in the chilly autumn weather with your entire school.

18. You used the acronym, BEDMAS for algebra, instead of PEDMAS.

Brackets > Parentheses

19. You learned how to measure distances using a meter stick, not a yard stick.

A random chap just stopped me to complement my metre stick #notaeuphemism

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