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28 Reasons Why Hamtaro Was The Best Show To Grow Up With


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1. The opening theme featured the best feel-good lyrics of any anime

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"When we work together, it's much better. HAMTARO!"

2. Each hamster had a different personality that kids could identify with

3. The closing credits featured a dancing hamster, 'nuff said...

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4. You woke up every morning for your daily dose of pure joy

5. If your day's got you down...

6. Watch the show...

7. And watch all of your troubles wash away

8. Still a better love story than Twilight

9. If this doesn't make you go "awwwwww", you're not human

10. The show teaches kids that friends occasionally do get into arguments

11. But no quarrel is a match for your friendship

12. You'll develop a healthy appetite for sunflower seeds.

13. The characters could be doing the most mundane thing and you won't care because it's the cutest thing you've ever seen!

14. The amount of slides in the show was unreal

15. Wheeee!

16. Personally, it would be my favorite mode of transportation too if I was 2 inches tall

17. There was always a mystery behind Penelope...

18. Like why did she wear that yellow blanket over her body all the time?! / Via

Or are there hamsters out there that actually look like this?

19. That episode when the Ham-Ham crew found out that Santa doesn't exist

20. There were some very imaginative episodes / Via

A hamster wielding a glowing sword while riding a flying dog. What's not to love?

21. You were convinced that owning a hamster would be the greatest thing to happen to you

22. So you convinced your parents to buy you one / Via

Just ONE?!!!

23. Then you would pick them up and sing the theme song to them like this

24. Every ending made you feel warm and fuzzy inside

25. Other kids might've made fun of you for watching the show

26. It didn't matter because this show was your happy place

27. And your escape from the real world

28. In conclusion, it's the perfect amount of fun you need to end any day off with a smile

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