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24 Ways Getting A Belly Rub Is Literally Heaven For Animals

Fun Fact: "All Dogs Go To Heaven" was originally titled "All Dogs Get Belly Rubs".

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6. "Oooh. This little one's got the graceful fingers of an angel."

12. "If only I could return the favor, I would!"

14. "So you got 4 1/2 stars on Yelp? That's pretty impressive..."

15. Oh, the perks of looking so DAMN FLUFFY!


17. "This couple's massage was such a great idea, honey."

18. "What fantastic wizardry is this?!"

19. "Stop! Stop! I'm ticklish! LOL!"

20. "You, ma'am, deserve a high-five."

21. "What's a girl like you doing rubbing a dog like me?"
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