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22 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Summer Vacation

So much time, so little to do.

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1. When the days of the week are no longer relevant to your life:

2. The day the sloth gods were extremely pleased with your performance:

3. Diligently sticking to an itinerary:


4. When making that sweet cash was more important to your best friend than chilling with you:

5. Jammin' all day and night:

6. Reaching dangerously high levels of boredom:

7. Feeling well-rested for more fun in the sun:

8. Waking up next to a hot mess:

9. Showing off your sexy summer poses:

10. Unfulfilled expectations:

11. The season finale of this friendship:

12. When Netflix is being judgmental af:

13. Yet another mundane day for Miss Booty Crack Jeans:

14. When the time finally dawns on you:

15. Preaching truth about afternoon naps:

16. This book title that is too accurate that it hurts:

17. When the squad came up short of a solid plan:

18. The scorch of the porch:

19. All in a day's work:

20. The bare necessities of summer in one picture:

21. When it's time to quit checking your Facebook newsfeed:


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