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22 Brutally Honest Signs That Are So Done With Humanity

They've officially resigned.

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1. This doctor's prescription of truth:

2. This backroom sign that ain't playing around:

3. This sign that's fed up with inconsiderate shoppers:

4. This store's sign that enforces the survival of the fittest:

5. And this one that pushes you to be your absolute fittest.


6. This sign that demands that you check your bowels before you wreck your bowels:

7. This dangerous sign for those who ain't the sharpest tool in the shed:

8. This university's morbid billboard that promises a dark future for its students:

9. The only sign that understands your plight:

10. This store's sign that really doesn't want your business:

11. This necessary sign that has seen way too much:

12. The sign that is fully aware of its worth in society:

13. This sign designed for sports-enthused parents who have no chill:

14. The sign that couldn't care less about mall security:

15. This yard sale sign that is proof that someone spent a crapload on advertising:

16. This sign that prevents bar patrons from reproducing bad decision-makers:

17. This cheeky sign giving drivers tips on how not to be the most despised person on the road:

18. This caution sign that always keeps a team of lawyers at its disposal:

19. This blunt sign that doesn't need another jackass in its zoo:

20. This sign that misses the point of having an open bar at a wedding:

21. This sign warning that robots with artificial intelligence will not be around to serve customers with little intelligence:

22. This sign that is quick to point out that your carelessness can only lead to the grimmest of endings:

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