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19 Thoughts People Have When They're Excluded From The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The real challenge is social exclusion.

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1. I tell people I'm glad I haven't been tagged, even though I secretly want to be

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2. Maybe I should record a video of me completing the challenge in the event that I get tagged?

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3. Nobody cares enough about me to socially pressure me to dump ice over my head

New Line Cinema / Via

4. This is just like high school all over again

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5. I'm going to create my own challenge.

6. What? My mom was nominated before me?!

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7. Everyone's doing it wrong!

That's not enough ice!

8. All of my friends have been tagged. This is my time.

BBC / Via

9. It's getting colder outside, where's my nomination already?

10. If nobody nominates me, does that mean I'm "ice-bucket challenged"?

11. Should I create a fake Facebook account just to nominate myself?

Walt Disney Studios / Via

12. I have a really creative idea and I really don't want to see it go to waste

Columbia Pictures / Via

13. My friends are so cold for not tagging me!

Literally and figuratively.

14. I guess we've established that I'm the loser of my friend group

NBC / Via

15. If I donate first, then can someone please just tag me?

16. Maybe I should be upfront and demand to be tagged

17. Would anyone notice if I just made a video without being tagged?

18. I've never felt so rejected in my life…

19. Screw it, I'm going to do it anyway!

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