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17 Times Bing Failed So Miserably At Being Google

Bing: Google's incompetent understudy.

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1. It's probably the most capable search engine for the job.

2. It's like discovering the all-too convenient self-destruct button.

3. Times were so much simpler for kids pre-Bing.

4. Communists and losers- every search engine's dream demographics.

5. I think it's safe to say that EVERYBODY loves cake.

6. These were the menacing cannons used for national warfare that brought down empires?

7. Viva Mexico!

8. Overly attached Bing.

9. The only time it's more appropriate for this question to end in "with drugs".

10. Who knew this snack debate was so risqué.

11. Oh come on, Bing, don't be so hard on yourself.

12. The only Portuguese... will ever...


13. While Bing plays favorites, both Koreas are equal in the eyes of Google.

14. Even worse, Bing has terrible grammar.

15. Always in denial.

16. It's never ready to take your relationship to the next level

17. The one time Bing failed so hard that it actually won

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