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    18 Things People Who Can't Swim Are Tired Of Hearing

    Without people like them, lifeguards would be out of a job.

    1. "There are 5-year-olds that can swim, why can't you swim?"

    2. "You gotta watch this YouTube video of this swimming baby!"

    3. "Are you ashamed of your body?"

    4. "Swimming is a survival skill."

    5. "As long as you relax, the water will support your weight."

    6. "How can you not swim? I taught myself when I was 7."

    7. "It's instinctive."

    8. "Are you afraid of taking baths too?"

    9. "I could teach you how to swim!"

    10. "All you gotta do is stretch your feet out, and stick your arms out in front of your head and just kick."

    11. "If you don't swim, what do you do at the beach?"

    12. "What if someone's drowning in a pool and you're the only one around?"

    13. "It's like learning how to ride a bike."

    14. "What would you do if your significant other is drowning?"

    15. "Do you just act like you can't swim so that hot lifeguard on duty will save you when you're 'drowning'?"

    16. "Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise."

    17. "How have you gone without swimming your entire life?"

    18. "So if I pushed you into a swimming pool, I can basically murder you?"