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18 Cringeworthy Moments That Would Make Every Canadian Shudder

We take our Timbits VERY seriously.

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1. When the entire nation nearly had a heart attack:

2. When any amount of golden nectar from our home and native land spills:

My heart goes out to the poor sap who this barrel belongs to.

3. The first time you came across this devastating piece of trivia:

4. When this sad attempt at Mac and Cheese is just all kinds of wrong:

5. When a quick trip to Tim Hortons ends in a devastating tragedy:

6. Let's not forget the number of Timbit casualties that were reported in the dozens.


7. When we experience the weather of all four seasons in a single week:

8. When you're caught in a stare down with a Canada goose that could end horribly:

9. When your server brings out your poutine and they've topped it with mozzarella cheese, INSTEAD OF CHEESE CURDS:

And all you see when you look at your plate is a poutine impostor.
James / Creative Commons / Via

And all you see when you look at your plate is a poutine impostor.

This is what a REAL poutine looks like.

Joe Shlabotnik / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: joeshlabotnik

10. When the odds are stacked up against you:

Not pleased with this roll up the rim season at all. 1,647,423 coffees later. #losing #TIMHORTONSHASRATS

11. When Miss Canada sported this extravagant pageant dress:

Miss Canada wore this dress and it's so freaking Canadian omg😂😂

12. When one of our nation's favourite pastimes was reduced to a farce of a sport:

13. When your house guests don't take off their shoes before entering your place:

14. When Microsoft Word almost convinces you that you're a terrible speller by deploying its evil army of red squiggly lines:

Matthew Young

15. When our beloved ketchup chips were contaminated with Australia:

just put some Vegemite on ketchup chips @BuzzFeedOz @BuzzFeedCanada


16. When a Canadian is denied access to a YouTube video and slapped in the face with their own national catchphrase:

17. Every time an American attempts to label a map of Canada:

18. And finally, when our Prime Minister shook hands with this small-town celeb:

Justin Bieber and Stephen Harper... Both an embarrassment to Canada. #cdnpoli

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