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    19 Cats Who Have Graciously Blessed Others With The Touch Of The Boop

    We should be so lucky to be anointed with the all-powerful boop from our cat overlords.

    1. The Origin of the Boop

    Proof that God bestowed the almighty power and responsibility of the boop upon the feline race.


    3. Who needs an alarm clock?

    If only hotels replaced their wake-up calls with these little cuties.

    4. This is not the kitten you're looking for...

    5. "Excuse me, Ma'am. Do you have a moment to be tapped by the power of the boop?"

    6. ... then he transformed into a dragon

    7. Cutie and the Beast!

    A tail as old as time!

    8. Time to unwind after a long day of productive nothingness

    9. A Drive-By Booping

    10. Even the smallest of creatures deserve a boop

    This squirrel was successfully booped and now he's a flying squirrel.

    11. Some boops can become more than just a noble touch.

    Booping: The new first base.

    12. E.T's got nothing on this little guy

    13. Too many boops can lead to the development of super-cat strength

    14. No...just no...

    Unfortunately, dogs cannot learn the elegance and poise required for a successful boop

    15. Boops heal all wounds

    16. A boop is good for the mind and the heart

    17. "Come here, my child" - The Cat


    19. PSA: Find a nearby cat and officially get booped today

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