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17 Ordinary GIFs That Have Been Flawlessly Edited To Perfection

They're the GIFs that keep giving. h/t to Reddit.

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1. This cursed claw machine is highly illogical!

2. Cyclists always need to be mindful of their daily intake of potassium.

3. Olimar's failed attempt at subduing the manic pet detective with Pikmin.

4. The greatest self-defence maneuver that can always be found in your arse-nal.

5. It's super effective!

6. What Sonic the Hedgehog really looks like when you're not hopped up on Mario's mushrooms.

7. This adorable kitten who took 9 lives that day.

8. Nobody likes a batter who bunts.

9. And the NBA's Most Valuable Pet award goes to...

10. This leaked footage of a live-action version of Kung-Fu Panda looks promising.

11. Once again, Super Mario is more than willing to hurt innocent, curious creatures for personal gain.

12. The interesting answer to the age-old question: "How do you solve a problem like Maria?"

13. Ouch! Right in the double bogey!

14. This tennis player who has unknowingly been wielding an ancient weapon for this entire tournament.

15. Leave no toy behind!

16. This modern-day Avatar can bend earth, fire, air, water, and your mind with his dope dance moves.

17. RIP Justin Bieber's acting career

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