15 Reasons The Original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Were Totally Tubular

Cowabunga, dude!

1. They were the first on-screen turtles whose entire diet consisted of pizza.

CBS / Via giphy.com

Their mutation probably protected them from the constipation from all that cheese.

2. Cheezus Crust! That’s humongous!

CBS / Via giphy.com

3. They had an appreciation for vintage video games.

CBS / Via giphy.com

4. As ninjas, their disguises were “flawless.”

5. “What? No way…those guys with the reptilian skin in trench coats were actually giant turtles trained in martial arts? Who would’ve guessed?”

6. Like teenagers, they didn’t take themselves or their job too seriously.

CBS / Via fybertech.com

7. When they used words like “cowabunga,” “radical,” and “gnarly,” it made us forget that we were watching talking turtles fight crime every week.

8. They were the typical Californian teenagers everybody wanted to be.

Except they lived in NYC.

9. They loved cats.

CBS / Via peteneems

You can’t see it, but off-screen, splinter is stuck halfway through a hole in the wall.

10. You knew you were a true “Turtles” fan when you wore out your VHS tape that you used exclusively for the show.

CBS / Via tumblr.com

11. They had the newest and coolest technology, and knew how to use it.

At least in the ’90s it was pretty new and cool.

12. The amount of times Michaelangelo said “cowabunga” was too damn high.

Even Bart Simpson has asked him to bring it down a notch.

13. They were more than just a team, they were a band of brothers.

14. The show actually felt like they had a moral obligation to tell kids this.

15. Good luck not singing this song to yourself throughout the day.

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