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16 Reasons Why The Mayor Of Calgary Is All Kinds Of Awesome

He's the mayor everyone Naheeds, not the mayor everyone deserves.

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3. His celebrity status was grand enough to compel Neil Patrick Harris to pull over for this legendary selfie.

So, this just happened. @ActuallyNPH is just as smart and thoughtful as you think. Thanks #CalgaryExpo! #mayorselfie

5. And for his admirable leadership during said flood, he's universally beloved by all of his citizens.

@nenshi @yychelp Calgary loves our new Super Hero Mayor #supermayorNenshi please fly down to help High River

6. He's an absolute pro when it comes to shutting down the haters.

Calgary's hilarious mayor #pwned

9. He delivered this important message to the Vancouver Canucks before the Flames-Canucks NHL playoff series kicked off.

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...and if the Flames lost, Nenshi agreed to belt out a rendition of Frozen’s “Let It Go” during the next city council meeting.

12. Only somebody as charismatic as Mayor Nenshi could make Torontonians super-duper jealous of Calgary.

Watched Toronto Mayoral Debate. Why Nenshi family? Why? Why after Naheed was born here did ya move to Calgary? How we suffer for it! #TOpoli

LRT I want Naheed Nenshi to be Toronto's mayor SO BADLY <3 <3

Naheed Nenshi can you please come save Toronto

And Toronto sighs wistfully ... RT @Mutzy306: Naheed Nenshi re-elected as Calgary mayor #skpoli #cdnpoli

@nenshi @ElliottRoss6 Oh my God please move to Toronto already, Naheed! We need serious help. #topoli

15. And he certainly won't apologize for this duck face.

16. All in all, he's an all-around decent human being who effortlessly exemplifies the spirit of a true Canadian.
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