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16 Reasons Why The Mayor Of Calgary Is All Kinds Of Awesome

He's the mayor everyone Naheeds, not the mayor everyone deserves.

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1. Earlier this year, he was named the "World’s Most Outstanding Mayor" and presented with this honourary tiara.

2. He's the holder of the "2014 World's Best Mayor" award presented by the City Mayors Foundation.

3. His celebrity status was grand enough to compel Neil Patrick Harris to pull over for this legendary selfie.

So, this just happened. @ActuallyNPH is just as smart and thoughtful as you think. Thanks #CalgaryExpo! #mayorselfie

4. He gave the most perfect response to people who attempted to canoe down a river during a city-wide flood.


5. And for his admirable leadership during said flood, he's universally beloved by all of his citizens.

@nenshi @yychelp Calgary loves our new Super Hero Mayor #supermayorNenshi please fly down to help High River

6. He's an absolute pro when it comes to shutting down the haters.

Calgary's hilarious mayor #pwned

7. He cosplayed as the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who at last year's Calgary Expo.

8. He can masterfully maintain his composure while internally geeking the freak out in this picture.


9. He delivered this important message to the Vancouver Canucks before the Flames-Canucks NHL playoff series kicked off.

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10. He's dangerously armed and prepared to protect his city from a zombie uprising.

11. He boldly made a bet with the mayor of Anaheim that the Calgary Flames will eliminate the Anaheim Ducks from the playoffs...

...and if the Flames lost, Nenshi agreed to belt out a rendition of Frozen’s “Let It Go” during the next city council meeting.

So this wager was essentially a win-win for the people of Calgary.

So this wager was essentially a win-win for the people of Calgary.

And lo and behold, the Ducks won the series.

12. Only somebody as charismatic as Mayor Nenshi could make Torontonians super-duper jealous of Calgary.

Watched Toronto Mayoral Debate. Why Nenshi family? Why? Why after Naheed was born here did ya move to Calgary? How we suffer for it! #TOpoli

LRT I want Naheed Nenshi to be Toronto's mayor SO BADLY <3 <3

Via Twitter: @XOMeDeadly

Naheed Nenshi can you please come save Toronto

And Toronto sighs wistfully ... RT @Mutzy306: Naheed Nenshi re-elected as Calgary mayor #skpoli #cdnpoli

@nenshi @ElliottRoss6 Oh my God please move to Toronto already, Naheed! We need serious help. #topoli

13. Shots fired.

14. He’s not ashamed of his selfie stick.

15. And he certainly won't apologize for this duck face.

16. All in all, he's an all-around decent human being who effortlessly exemplifies the spirit of a true Canadian.

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