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13 Reasons Why Earphones Are The Most Frustrating Technology Ever Made

Earphones: The annoying younger siblings of headphones.

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1. They comes out TANGLED even when you gently slid them into your pocket UNTANGLED

You've even entertained the idea of shoving them back in tangled, hoping that when you take them out, they come out all straight.

4. You can't walk by door without this happening to you

6. If you're sharing with a friend, any sudden movements will be punished with glaring eyes from your friend

Girl on the left: This is the 3rd time your waving arm has yanked the earbud out of my ears. CONTROL YOUR ARMS, GIRL!

7. When that rubber piece goes missing

samsung earphone problems 101


samsung earphone problems 101 😂😂😂😂

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9. One wrong move and your earphones fly out of your head

12. You wear your earphones without knowing how loud the volume will be and when you press play, you yank them out as if tiny snakes are screaming into your ears
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