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12 Unapologetic Bunnies Who Aren't Sorry About The New Cadbury Creme Egg Recipe‏

If you have an unconditional love for Cadbury creme eggs, then you probably won't agree with these adorable balls of fur. Especially if you identify yourself as a victim in this Cadbury debacle.

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3. "Maybe they had to cut costs because their wife delivered another litter of offspring. FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS YEAR. And somehow they're expected to come up with enough college tuition for 6 more kids."

5. "If the idea of an egg made of 'standard cocoa mix chocolate' disgusts you more than an egg made of milk chocolate, remember, both have sugary, white goop that they want us to call 'creme'."

12. "I'm secretly hoping that they also change how they portray my people in Cadbury commercials. Personally, I find it clucking insulting."

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