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16 Breathtaking Coastal Views Between Sydney And Byron Bay

Up your Instagram game with images of these stunning coast lines.

1. Saltwater National Park, Taree

BuzzFeed / Via Matz Duebbert

If you are close to Saltwater National Park, you should try and get up early to capture the stunning sunrise over the rocky beach. This surfing spot is a local favourite, so you may be able to take some shots of the great Australian lifestyle... or even catch a wave or two yourself.

2. Tomaree Head, Nelson Bay

3. Murphy's Gap, Nelson Bay

BuzzFeed / Via Matz Duebbert

Hidden in the cliff face of Tomaree Mountain, you can find the alcove of Murphy’s Gap. How beautiful is the vibrant turquoise water crashing against the rough amber-coloured rocks?

4. One Mile Beach, Port Stephens

5. Point Stephens Lighthouse, Fingal Island

BuzzFeed / Via Matz Duebbert

Point Stephens Lighthouse can only be accessed via boat at the moment. Once you make it over, you can admire the lighthouse, rising into the blue sky, and providing some stunning photo options.

6. Windmill Hill Lookout, Port Macquarie

BuzzFeed / Via Matz Duebbert

Unlike the pristine beaches closer to the centre of Port Macquarie, this beach boasts both rugged nature and beauty. It's one of the first stops on the Port Macquarie coastal walk. Depending on your fitness, this walk can take up to four hours, but will reward you multiple times with lookouts that will sweep you off your feet.

7. Rocky Beach Lookout, Port Macquarie

BuzzFeed / Via Sohan Judge

Rocky Beach Lookout is another point along the Port Macquarie coastal walk. The name needs no further explanation after you see the breathtaking view.

8. Harry's Lookout, Port Macquarie

BuzzFeed / Via Sohan Judge

This romantic spot is just up the road from Rocky Beach, where couples declare their love with engraved padlocks.

9. Shelly Beach, Port Macquarie

Buzzfeed / Via Matz Duebbert

This tidal lagoon is protected from waves, so it's great for families with children. Although, any traveller will enjoy taking a refreshing splash in the water.

10. Tacking Point Lighthouse, Port Macquarie

BuzzFeed / Via Matz Duebbert

Tacking Point Lighthouse is the 13th oldest in Australia... hope you're not superstitious! If you visit during sunrise, the nearby beach gives a spectacular contrast of rough black rock against the fine white sand, as well as the lush green land meeting the vast blue ocean.

11. Crescent Head Lookout, Crescent Head

BuzzFeed / Via Sohan Judge

An hour north of Port Macquarie, the steep cliffs of Crescent Head Lookout will leave you speechless, while giving an amazing view over the deep blue. Just be careful when wandering around and taking in all this beauty.

12. Little Beach Reserve, Nelson Bay

BuzzFeed / Via Sohan Judge

Little Beach in Nelson Bay is a beautiful place to catch a radiant sunset, with wild pelicans. These fellas are attracted to the local fishermen's catch, so you can see them up close and personal. They're usually waddling along the beach or swimming gracefully along the shoreline.

13. Trial Bay, South West Rocks

BuzzFeed / Via Sohan Judge

Trial Bay is a stunning little peninsula that also has a big camping ground. It's one of the few places on Australia's east coast where you can enjoy the sunset over the ocean due to its magical west-facing bay. The old jail nearby offers a very interesting snippet of Australian history that's worth checking out, plus you’re likely to see a few kangaroos coming and going, so have your camera ready!

14. Smoky Cape Lighthouse, South West Rocks

BuzzFeed / Via Matz Duebbert

Smoky Cape Lighthouse is a fantastic spot to see the sunrise, as well as for whale watching. You can also have an outdoor BBQ at the nearby Captain Cook's lookout. It's even possible to stay overnight at the lighthouse keepers’ cottage.

15. The V Wall, Nambucca Heads

BuzzFeed / Via Sohan Judge

A tribute to people from all walks of life, passersby are able to paint their own rocks at The V Wall. Leave your mark!

16. Cape Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bay

BuzzFeed / Via Matz Duebbert

The famous Byron Bay is a popular place to go for a bohemian experience. The Cape Byron Lighthouse is not only one of the most popular on the east coast, it's also the most easterly point of the mainland. So it's definitely worth checking out.

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