A Whole Lot Of People Aren’t Happy About Comcast Buying Time Warner

The consolidation of anti-cable company rage…and jokes.

1. There’s not a ton of optimism about the customer service that a Comcast-Time Warner merger would produce.

Which CEO do I blame for this?

— Lizzie O'Leary (@lizzieohreally)

Comcast defeated Time Warner in the Elite 8 in last year's Worst Company in America tournament @consumerist

— Kim Bhasin (@KimBhasin)

:( RT @benparr This slide from the Comcast/Time Warner pitch to consumers made me laugh. Then I died a little inside:

— John Herrman (@jwherrman)

I want Comcast to own my cable company about as bad as I want Time-Warner to be my cable company. Wait, TWC is. I’m so screwed.

— Paul Kedrosky (@pkedrosky)

I will live anywhere as long as I don't have to deal with Time Warner, Comcast, or Cablevision. Give me FiOS, or give me death.

— Carl (@CLRana9017)

11. Then of course, there were cable guy-ish jokes

Comcast CEO pays $45 billion for Time Warner Cable, gets a free month of Showtime. #Comcast #TimeWarnerCable

— Rob Tannenbaum (@tannenbaumr)

Comcast CEO didn't want to buy Time Warner Cable, but figured it was the only way to get a TWC technician to his house.

— Rob Tannenbaum (@tannenbaumr)

14. And doesn’t the biggest cable company buying the second biggest seem like a….something that rhymes with “lonopoly”?

Comcast CEO celebrates acquisition. #timewarnercable

— Ryan Parker (@ryanparkerdp)

Now leading the @huffingtonpost: a not-so-subtle insinuation about the Comcast - Time Warner Cable deal

— Kim Bhasin (@KimBhasin)

Oh cool I love Monopoly RT @verge: Comcast confirms $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable

— Brian Ries (@moneyries)

If Comcast buys Time Warner, that means my broadband provider options in Newport Beach will go from 1 to 1. We're so under served.

— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan)

Waiting for Comcast/Time Warner to tell the FTC: "Well, it's okay because of, you know, Aereo"

— danprimack (@danprimack)

20. Some people had some thoughts of mega-mergers past and future…

This bull market won’t be over until Time Warner Comcast merges with AOL.

— Conor Sen (@conorsen)

Breaking: Jos a. Bank offers to buy comcast

— danprimack (@danprimack)

23. And then things got weird.

How I see the merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

— Terry Ferguson (@terrypferguson)

25. It was all capped off by the ultimate insult.

Comcast acquiring Time Warner Cable is like Nickelback and Creed deciding to go on tour together.

— David Hoang (@davidhoang)

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