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7 Really Tall Guys At Fashion Week Who Aren't Models (They're In The NBA)

From Russell Westbrook palling around with Anna Wintour to the Brothers Plumlee getting lots of confused stares because no one knew who were they were.

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Being an NBA player at fashion week means that you'll be surrounded by tons of journalists and celebrity-watchers who probably have no idea who you are. Sure, you'll attract bewildered stares on account of your height, but it's the real-deal celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kanye West and fashion celebrities like Terry Richardson who get the incessant Instagramming.

But that didn't stop the NBA, helmed by New York's two teams, from showing up in solid numbers this week. This year wasn't the first time that the only men who could could tower over Karlie Kloss in heels have scored seats at Lincoln Center. Miami Heat superstar guard Dwyane Wade found himself in a Vogue sandwich between Wintour and Hamish Bowles two years ago in the front row at Rag & Bone while New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler is a regular in the front row.

Amar'e Stoudemire

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Here's the Knicks lushly compensated power forward presenting the Most Stylish Athlete of the Year award at the 2013 Style Awards on Wednesday, and no — he wasn't presenting to himself. As for his clothes: Damn, this dude looks good in a suit, but that vaguely Michael Jacksonian piece of lapel jewelry is doing too much in a way that his defense never is. Also, I'm just guessing, but I think that watch is worth more than your house.

Tyson Chandler

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

The Knicks center is both a better defender than his teammate Amar'e and, in my opinion, more stylish. The 2012 defensive player was spotted in the front row at Suno and took in Alexander Wang with Kanye West, Kerry Washington, and Solange. Here he is looking sharp and surely being a total pain in the ass to any poor fashion blogger unlucky enough to sit behind him. Also, that sheer Ann Demeulemeester cardigan? It's supposed to go down to a normal person's ankles, right?

Russell Westbrook

Paul Morigi / WireImage / Getty Images

This is Anna Wintour sitting in the front row at Rag & Bone. This is Russell Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard who is known as the "Kate Moss of the NBA."

In 2005, Kate Moss was videotaped apparently snorting cocaine. The images were all over the British press, but the supermodel escaped prosecution. Russell Westbrook wore a cut-off denim shirt over a rolled-up dotted sport shirt with a tiny bowler, all while sitting next to Anna Wintour. He then told the Wall Street Journal that he was the best-dressed player in the NBA. He too will not be facing any charges.

Miles and Mason Plumlee

Matthew Zeitlin/BuzzFeed

The Plumlee brothers are known for being tall, plentiful, and winning a national championship at Duke. Leaving Lacoste on Saturday morning, Brooklyn's first-round draft pick Mason told BuzzFeed that it was the first show he had ever been to. A college friend of Mason's said that Lincoln Center is nothing like Durham, where "Mason couldn't go to Sam's Club without getting mobbed." Hear that, #NYFW? You're nothing like the Durham Sam's Club. Oh, and that hoodie? USA! USA! USA!

Paul Pierce

Jeff Schear / Getty Images

Newly New York'ed Brooklyn Net Paul Pierce checked out Malan Breton on Saturday and looked pretty good! Besides the undershirt. Paul, you're not doing a post-game press conference in 2009 — lose the undershirt.

But we like the shirt matching the checks on the suit, the stitching, and sunglasses. Pierce was also walking with a slight limp as he left the show, so he could have very well been taking the ball up the court with 10 seconds left in the fourth quarter. When's the last time Paul Pierce wasn't slightly limping?

J.R. Smith

The Knicks sixth man was suspended for five games by the NBA for violating its substance abuse policy just this past Friday. Did that stop his fashion week game? Absolutely not. Here's the free-shooting guard at Opening Ceremony wearing a $595 Givenchy sweatshirt. Not pictured but also in attendance: rumored former Smith flame and Instagram antagonist Rihanna.

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