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32 Examples Of Big Brand Advertising #Fail On BuzzFeed

One of the more popular trends that big companies, brands and agencies have been buzzing about is "native advertising." And BuzzFeed is a great place to reach millions of people with clever content. The only problem is that most brands are screwing it up royally, wasting a lot of money, and just confusing the hell out of us.

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1. Allstate Insurance

So are you saying that if I don't follow these tips, that my partner will likely burn down my house? Because if so, I don't need insurance, I need a new partner.

6. Discovery Channel

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse to break the law, but thanks for encouraging illicit activity and therefore being an accompice to all of these crimes, Discovery!

13. Gillette

Remember when Gillette's slogan was "The best a man can get," and then they had to dump it because they started a product line for women? Well its great to see that they've expanded their target consumer base even further, to the entire animal kingdom.

26. SkyDrive

I don't know what you do or who you are, Skydrive, but if this could have helped me get better grades while still skipping classes in college, where were you 15 years ago?

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