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These Snow Sculptures From China Are Simply Breathtaking

The people who make these have the coolest jobs.

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This is the Harbin International Snow Sculpture Art Expo.

Hong Wu / Getty

Where is Harbin? It's in Heilongjiang Province, in North East China.

And how can they pull this off? Well they get some of the coldest winds in China. Today's temperature in Habin is -19°C (-2F). It is due to drop to -26°C (-15F) by Thursday.

Basically, if you're there wear a sweater.


And this big woman with big hair saying hello.

Hong Wu / Getty

The ice comes from the nearby frozen Songhua River. Sculptors get the freezing water from the river, pile it on top of each other like sugar cubes, and then spend days carving and decorating it them into these spectacular creations.


You haven't seen the sculpture festival at night.

STR/AFP / Getty

This is a picture from last year's sculpture festival. LED lights make it give the festival that extra little thing. It actually makes it look like a living breathing city.