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These Artists Have Turned Their Palettes Into Stunning Paintings

"The palette is the point of origin from which ideas become realised ... a reflection of the human experience."

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Over 50 artists from around the world have taken part in a project that puts their paint palette at the centre stage of their work.

Point of Origin features art painted directly on to the wooden palettes owned by artists, to convey the link between an artist’s mind and the personal work they produce.

Artists have taken the brief and interpreted it in striking and individual ways, including lifelike raspberries, goldfish swimming in dark water, portraits, and nudes.


The project’s art statement explains: “Every artist has a unique mind, and a deeply personal, often idiosyncratic studio practice.

“One way to get a glimpse into the artist’s mind, as well as into their practice, is the painter’s palette – a tool that has been around for centuries, as painting itself has gone through myriads of transformations through the years. It is both practical and intimate, acquiring layers of paint as well as memories, reflecting intent and execution, storing the ghosts of paintings that have long since left the studio.”


Point of Origin was curated by Dina Brodsky and Trek Lexington and is being exhibited at the Lodge Gallery in New York. Take a look at more of the stunning creations produced for the exhibition below:


Matt Tucker is the UK Picture Editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.

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