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    The 29 Cutest Sloths That Ever Slothed

    The genius behind a 'bucket of sloths' has published a book called The Power of Sloth, along with the ULTIMATE collection of sloth pictures. We can't handle.

    1. Lucy Cooke loves sloths.

    2. The British filmmaker, photographer, zoologist founded the Sloth Appreciation Society.

    3. Lucy wants us all to celebrate sloths.

    4. To value sloths of all natures.

    5. Like sleepy sloths.

    6. Wistful sloths.

    7. Tender sloths.

    8. Hungry sloths.

    9. Very hungry sloths.

    10. Cheeky sloths.

    11. Smiley sloths.

    12. Especially sloths in buckets.

    13. Just hanging out in a bucket.

    14. Cuddling in a bucket.

    15. Lots of cuddling in a bucket.

    16. Trying to get out of a bucket.

    17. Happy sloths.

    18. Matter-of-fact sloths.

    19. Dozy sloths.

    20. Jumper-wearing sloths.

    21. Birthday sloths.

    22. Clingy sloths.

    23. Wet sloths.

    24. Serious sloths.

    25. Randy sloths.

    26. Soppy sloths.

    27. Snooker-loving sloths.

    28. Peek-a-boo sloths.

    29. Lucy, we salute your slothy dedication.

    We've saved the best until last! What does the sloth say? As this video shows, it generally says 'peep'.