Startling Portraits Of Neo-Burlesque Artists Reveal The Spirit Behind Each Performer

Award-winning photographer Leland Bobbé captures images of New York’s neo-burlesque artists. NSFW.

1. Boo Bess and Cheekie Lane

Leland Bobbé / Via

Burlesque performance art has been evolving for centuries, but was first introduced to New York by British performer Lydia Thompson in 1868, according to burlesque star Dita von Teese in The Independent.

Neo-burlesque, which emerged in New York in the 1990s, combines a broad range of alternative styles with the traditional form of American burlesque.

Photographer Leland Bobbé worked alongside his producer wife, Robin, to create images of New York’s neo-burlesque performers that “removed them from the stage and served to highlight the formalised essence of their character as individuals and as a persona”.

3. Amber Ray and Perle Noire

Leland Bobbé / Via

Bobbé told BuzzFeed that the power of neo-burlesque is rooted in the charisma the performer exerts over the audience, and that nudity is a secondary element to the art and the individual.

5. Albert Cadabra and Creamy Stevens

Leland Bobbé / Via

6. “My intention was to capture the glamour and impact that neo-burlesque performers bring to the stage in straight-ahead, real, and honest studio portraits,” says Bobbé.

Leland Bobbé / Via

Performers Dangrrr Doll and Apathy Angel.

7. “I was able to reveal the essence of their character as individuals, showing each performer’s personal approach to the art form of burlesque.”

Leland Bobbé / Via

Performers Little Brooklyn and Veruca Honeyscotch.

8. Madame Rosebud and La Maia

Leland Bobbé / Via

9. Ms Tickle and Juli Atlas Muz

Leland Bobbé / Via

10. Bobbé has created a collection of over 100 portraits of performers.

Leland Bobbé / Via

Performers Runaround Sue and Lefty Lucy.

The photographs exhibit an honest grittiness, capturing a diverse array of body types portraying confidence and comfort in one’s own skin rather than an airbrushed representation of fantasy.

Via Leland Bobbé

12. World Famous *BOB* and Nasty Canasta

Leland Bobbé / Via

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