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    "Hunger Games" Stars Give Their Opinions On Six Completely Random Things

    Sam Claflin And Natalie Dormer on Twitter, Netflix, and avocados.

    Sam Claflin and Natalie Dormer visited the BuzzFeed UK office on Monday.

    1. First word: Netflix.

    Let's have a close up at those words.

    Dormer: “Well, I’ve been in America too long. You were in the States so long. I’m still using American words. I’ve called trousers ‘pants’.”

    Claflin: “Douche is my one. Like, ‘shut up, you douche’."

    Dormer: “I thought you meant douche like a shower, like the French.

    Claflin: “No, an ACTUAL DOUCHE.”

    2. Here's the second word: Twitter.

    Dormer: “WHAT? Nice.”

    Claflin: “Mine is because I’m hungry. I had to explain myself.”

    3. Here's the THIRD one: Comfort food.

    Dormer: “'On sofa.' I would normally be eating comfort food at home on the sofa.”

    Claflin: “Pizza… on soffffffffa.”

    A variety of northern accents then follow.

    4. Avocado.

    Claflin: “No way. No way. GUAC.”

    Dormer: “I LOVE GUACAMOLE.”

    Claflin: “We shot Hunger Games in America. There’s a lot of guacamole around in America. Always.”

    5. Holiday.

    Dormer: “See? That’s how desperate I am. That is my kneejerk reaction.”

    Claflin: “Can I come with you? But pl- pl- pl- pl- pl-ease?" (He tries to imitate Daffy Duck.)

    6. Advice.

    Claflin: “I need some.”

    BuzzFeed: “Surely you must have had a lot of advice along the way.”

    Dormer: “This means that I would like to take some advice from you.”

    Claflin: “What advice would you want?”

    BuzzFeed: “Because you [Claflin] were in the last film and you [Dormer] are joining the series.”

    Dormer: “Oh god, nothing with as such gravitas as that.”