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14 Retro Adverts That Would Never Be Published Today

These adverts made comments on sex, equality, race, mental health and body size that would get them banned in 2015.

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A new book, Beyond Belief, has compiled some of the most shocking adverts from history.

From slogans such as "blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere" to children and babies being used to endorse guns and cigarettes, many of the adverts preyed upon people's insecurities.

1. Tipalet Cigarettes, 1970

Tipalet Cigarettes, 1970

2. Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works, 1904

Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works, Harpers, 1904

3. Lucky Tiger, 1957

Lucky Tiger, McCann Erickson Agency, Esquire, 1957

4. Elliot's Paint, 1930s

Lake County Museum/CORBIS/Elliots Paint, 1930s

5. Wyeth's Sage & Sulphur, 1930s

Wyeth's Sage & Sulphur, 1930s

6. Broomsticks, 1967

Broomsticks, 1967

7. Love Cosmetics, 1975

Love Cosmetics, Wells, Rich, Greene Agency, 1975

8. Warner's, 1955

Warner's, Doyle Dane Bernbach Agency, New Yorker, 1955

9. Weyenberg Massagic, 1972

Weyenberg Massagic, 1972

10. Marlboro Cigarettes, 1951

Marlboro Cigarettes, 1951

11. Kellogg's, 1938

Kellogg's, N.W Ayer & Son Agency, 1938

12. The Bock Auto Bar Company

The Bock Auto Bar Company

13. Chlorodent Toothpaste, 1953

Chlorodent Toothpaste, 1953

14. Alcoa Aliminum, 1953

Alcoa Aliminum, 1953

Beyond Belief, by Charles Saatchi, is out now.

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