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9 Wonderful Details From A Hundred-Year-Old Map Of The London Underground

100 years ago a designer reimagined the London Underground map, with spectacular results.

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A century ago the London Underground was considered dreary and uninviting. In 1913 designer Max Gill was commissioned to brighten up the stations - the Wonderground Map of London Town was born.

The poster map draws inspiration from 16th and 17th century cartography, with added humour and topical jokes. Highlights include a living River Serpentine and a snake winding its way through Hyde Park.

It took Gill seven months to complete the Underground map. In his diary of 9 March 1914 he wrote: "Worked on last of the London map all day - doing colouring till 3am Tuesday - until I completed it. (Began August 1913)".

We've picked out our favourite snippets that prove Gill's poster should be the official tube map.


The Wonderground Map of London Town 1914 is available to buy from the London Transport Museum gift shop.