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14 Portraits Of Burlesque Performers That Reveal Their Remarkable Transformations

Sean Scheidt took pictures of Baltimore burlesque artists before and after their stunning metamorphoses. NSFW.

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Scheidt's photo project juxtaposes images of burlesque performers dressed how they are in everyday life with portraits of their stage personae.

Scheidt said he hopes his project humanises the performers by making it clear they are no different from anyone else.

This project took me by surprise. I've always had friends in burlesque and had gone to burlesque shows… [I] found myself fascinated by what occurred backstage and seeing ordinary people transform themselves completely in various ways.
For those unfamiliar, burlesque can, on the surface, seem no different to stripping. While striptease is also used in burlesque, there is a distinction between the two. In burlesque, performers use their bodies as a tool to confront an audience, often using the striptease to challenge sexual objectification, orientation, and other social taboos.