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    People Think Jeremy Corbyn's Aide Looks A Lot Like Tom Cruise

    The Hollywood star is not understood to be an aide to the Labour leader, despite the photographic evidence.

    This morning Jeremy Corbyn had an unfortunate incident when the car he was in ran over the foot of a BBC cameraman called Giles Wooltorton at the Institute of Engineering in London.

    After the incident, a picture circulated of the Labour leader looking behind him as he arrived at Savoy Place.

    Some speculated on Twitter that the man sitting in the back of the car with Corbyn looked remarkably like a certain Hollywood A-lister: Mr Tom Cruise.

    why is Tom Cruise in a car with Jeremy Corbyn?

    The moment best buddies Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Cruise realise they've run over a BBC cameraman's foot. #labour…

    Why is Tom Cruise accompanying Jeremy Corbyn to his meeting today? Hasn't he got a film to star in?

    That's either Tom Cruise in the car with #Corbyn or Obiwan Kenobi in the car with Tom Cruise 🤔 #LabourManifesto

    The man to Corbyn's right is not actually the Mission: Impossible star but Labour aide James Schneider, founder of Momentum and one of the leader’s spokespeople.

    Ok is it just my self-hate coming through again or is James Schneider kind of hot?

    This is James Schneider from another angle.

    But many are sticking to the Tom Cruise theory.

    BREAKING: Tom Cruise has kidnapped Jeremy Corbyn and taken him to David Miscavige for a beating

    The real story isn't the BBC cameraman's foot being run over by Jeremy Corbyn's driver but why is Tom Cruise there!…