Interracial Couples Share The Appalling Things People Have Said To Them

Donna Pinckley photographs interracial couples and writes the negative comments they have been subjected to underneath.

Two years ago, photographer Donna Pinckley took a portrait of a young woman with her African-American boyfriend. Afterwards, Donna chatted with the subject’s mother in the kitchen, where she was told of the cruel taunts hurled at her daughter for dating a boy of another race.

“What struck me was the resilience of both couples in the face of derision,” says Donna, “their refusal to let others define them.”

Photographing mainly in Arkansas, but also in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee, Donna began taking portraits of interracial couples of all ages. Here is her photo project Sticks and Stones.

Bitches like that are the reason we can’t get a good black man.

Don’t like black women?

I’ll bet your parents are really proud of you.

If she can’t use your comb, don’t bring her home!

I told you a black woman lived with a white man in that house!

Look at you taking another one of our Good Black Men.

No other man will ever want you.

There are other black girls out there.

What’s wrong with American women? Do you not like American women?

What are you doing hanging out with nxxxxxs?

White men have taken everything, including our women.

Why are you with her?

Why is he with her? He has all of us beautiful black women to choose from!

Wouldn’t you rather date someone your own race?

You’ll never be able to give her what a white man could.

You must like Milky Way.

All she wants from you is a green card.

They are disgusting.

Donna is continuing her photo project Sticks and Stones and is looking for couples willing to participate.

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