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In Pictures: The Brutal Clashes Between Police And Miners During The 1984 Strike

This week the government ruled out the possibility of an inquiry or independent review into the violent clash between miners and the police on 18 June 1984, known as the Battle of Orgreave.

Home secretary Amber Rudd rejected the possibility on 31 October, ending speculation that the actions of the police during the clash would be investigated. Campaigners say there was orchestrated violence and manufactured police statements.

The photo above shows the reclaimed land of the former Orgreave Coke Works as seen in 2016 (it is now being redeveloped for modern housing). The picture below shows a confrontation between riot police and a picket at the Orgreave works on 18 June 1984, during the Battle of Orgreave. The rest of the photos seen here show protests and unrest in Orgreave throughout the 1984 miners strike.