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Who Are All The People In The Most '90s Rock Photo Ever?

Can you identify all the people who aren't David Bowie or Billy Corgan?

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On January 9, 1997, David Bowie put on a concert at Madison Square Garden to mark his 50th birthday, and it featured guest appearances from a who's who of 90s indie rock. And backstage, Bowie and some of the guests posed for this epic picture – just Bowie, Billy Corgan, Dave Grohl, Robert Smith, Frank Black, and Sonic Youth hanging out on a sofa.

(Also, Placebo!)

But who are all 20 people in the picture? The picture caption only mentions some of the better known ones – but we've conducted extensive research (i.e. googled around a bit and watched the videos of the concert) and we think we've managed to work out who everybody is.

Here's who we believe they are (there are a few that we're not 100% sure on, so if you think we've got it wrong, tell us in the comments...):

Here's a bit more on who they are (we think):

1. Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth

2. Coco Hayley Gordon Moore, daughter of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon

3. We think this might be Steve Hewitt, drummer in Placebo

4. Pretty sure this is Steve Shelley, drummer in Sonic Youth

5. Stefan Olsdal, bassist in Placebo

6. Mike Garson, keyboardist in the David Bowie band

7. Frank Black/Black Francis, Pixies and Frank Black and the Catholics

8. Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth

9. Lee Ranaldo, guitarist in Sonic Youth

10. We reckon this is Nate Mendel, bassist in Foo Fighters

11. Reeves Gabrels, guitarist in the David Bowie band

12. Brian Molko, Placebo

13. Gail Ann Dorsey, bassist and vocalist in the David Bowie band

14. Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters and Nirvana

15. Zachary Alford, drummer in the David Bowie band

16. Probably William Goldsmith, drummer in Foo Fighters (left the band a few months later)

17. Robert Smith, The Cure

18. David Bowie, vocalist in the David Bowie band

19. Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins

20. Pat Smear, guitarist in Foo Fighters, The Germs, and, briefly, Nirvana