10 Gorgeous Photos Of Sunlit Landscapes That Will Make You Sigh

The shortlist is in for the 2014 VELUX Lovers of Light photography competition - the pictures are kind of special.

1. ‘Winter sunrise over West Dorset’, Bridport, West Dorset, by Stephen Banks.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Stephen Banks

2. ‘Early Light, Newlands Wood’, Cannock, UK, by Graham Colling.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Graham Colling

Amateur, professional and mobile phone photographers submitted 15,000 entries into VELUX’s national Lovers of Light photography competition since its launch in October 2013.

3. ‘Showers’, The Hague, Netherlands, by Lennert Steyvers.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Lennert Steyvers

4. ‘Lighting up Langstrath’, Borrowdale UK, by Paul Fenech-Soler.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Paul Fenech-Soler

5. ‘Morning forest light’, North Poland, by Mateusz Liberra.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Mateusz Liberra

6. ‘Sunset Cliffs’, San Diego, USA, by Thomas Zagler.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Thomas Zagler

7. ‘Watchin’ the tide roll away (II)’, Alloa, Scotland, by Brian Smith.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Brian Smith

8. ‘Untitled’, Newcastle, Co Down, by Brian Mccready.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Brian Mccready

9. ‘Carousel in the mist’, Prokoshko, Bosnia, by Marko Stamatovic.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Marko Stamatovic

A trip to Norway will be awarded to the overall winner on 30th March.

10. ‘Unexpected sun’, UK, by Luke Oyston.

VELUX Lovers of Light/Luke Oyston

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Matt Tucker is the UK picture editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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