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16 Ghostly Images Of London Bridges, Blended With The Present Day

A new exhibition at the The Museum of London Docklands shows off the longevity of the capital's bridges, with spooky 'then and now' photos.

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3. Hammersmith Bridge, circa 1955, by Sandra Flett.

Sandra Flett/Museum of London

Sandra Flett was a semi-professional photographer who lived in Chiswick. She could see the Thames from her house and wrote: ‘We have lived near the river for years and it has become part of the background of our lives’. For her, the river was a ‘geographical backbone’ linking the disparate parts of London.


6. A windy evening on London Bridge, circa 1937, by Henry Turner.

Henry Turner/Museum of London

Henry Turner was a photographer and General Secretary of the Empire Press Union (later Commonwealth Press Union). He made this image for E Arnot Robertson's book Thames Portrait (1937).


16. Tower Bridge, circa 1903–10, by Christina Broom.

Christina Broom/Museum of London

Broom was a professional photographer who produced a series of London street views for sale as postcards. She later photographed the activities of the suffrage movement in London and was one of the earliest female press photographers.