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    15 Eerie Pictures Of World War II Fighter Planes Rotting In A Graveyard

    A collection of historical airplanes have lain secretly in the undergrowth of a back garden in Ohio.

    1. These spooky photos were captured by 24-year-old photographer, Jonny Joo, who has made a name for himself by exploring long-abandoned places.



    4. The planes were assembled by scrapyard worker Walter Soplata in his back garden in Newbury, Ohio, from the late 1940s.


    6. After Soplata’s death in 2010 the aviation graveyard was kept a secret by relatives fearing scrappers.

    7. The site is a resting place for several serving planes from the Second World War.



    10. Around 50 engines and 30 aircraft currently lie in the cemetery.


    12. Joo, from Ohio, said: “It is crazy how much history is just sitting there like an outdoor museum ... it creates its own post-apocalyptic view ... it’s like art."



    Some of these planes actually bombed places – people could have died in those planes, there's so much history throughout the whole place – it's a little bit creepy when you think about it. If a picture could tell a thousand words you could write books and books from these. It's been sitting pretty much abandoned since the seventies. It's a really incredible place to see in person.

    15. "Today’s decay is yesterday’s memories." - Johnny Joo.