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    Banksy Has Just Updated His Website And It Looks Like His New Theme Is Surveillance

    A new image appears online, hours after a suspected Banksy work is seen in Cheltenham. UPDATED: It's been found in Bristol.

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    So if you go on Banksy's website now, this is what you'll see.

    If you click on the image, you see these two figures up close.

    Updated – April 15, 2.37 p.m. BST: The image has been found!


    It's in Clement Street, in Bristol.


    You can find it here.


    Yesterday The Gloucestershire Echo reported that this image had appeared on the side of a house in Cheltenham.

    Jules Annan / Barcroft Media

    Karren Smith, 48, the house's owner, said she saw men packing a white tarpaulin into a van at about 7.30am on Sunday.

    Jules Annan / Barcroft Media

    The work can be seen on the corner of Fairview Road and Hewlett Road.

    Jules Annan / Barcroft Media

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