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31 Photos That Show The Striking Diversity Of Workplaces Around The World

Time to broaden your career horizons?

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Forget the familiar office, retail shop, or factory; these competition pictures capture unusual, brutal, and sometimes beautiful workplaces in which some people earn a living., the online photography community, ran the international photo contest to show the world the striking range of workplaces around the world.

Instead of an official photographic jury, the winning images were picked by public online crowdvoting.

Other Entries

"Head for Heights", London, England, by Naf Selmani

Naf Selmani /

"Wearing earplugs to muffle the chimes of Big Ben and armed with buckets and cloths, a team of abseilers are busy cleaning the clock faces at the Elizabeth Tower in London." – Naf Selmani

"Torreadora", Transylvania, Romania, by Pal Szilagyi Palko

Pal Szilagyi Palko /

"This photo was taken in an isolated small village in the mountains called Bratca in Transylvania, Romania. The settlement contains only a dozen houses, several hundred metres from one another, inhabited mostly by old widows." – Pal Szilagyi Palko

"Foundry Story", Kolkata, India, by Sagnik

Sagnik /

"This is the hard life. The workers at this iron cast foundry work immensely hard and they do not even wear protective clothing." – Sagnik

"Barber in Street", Kolkata, India, by Subrata Adhikary

Subrata Adhikary /

"These barbers have no permanent place. On this day they were continuing their profession on a footpath in Kolkata." – Subrata Adhikary

"Science Museum Café", London, England, by Darrell Godliman

Darrell Godliman /

"A shot of the Deep Blue Café at the Science Museum in London. Being one of the first people through the doors of the museum in the morning, I was able to get this shot of a waitress preparing for the busy day ahead." – Darrell Godliman

"Porters", Java, Indonesia, by Marek Kosiba

Marek Kosiba /

Porters carry loads of sulphur chunks (weighing around 80–100kg) about 3km from the crater of the Kawah Ijen volcano to a nearby town.

"Sri Lanka's Stilt Fisherman" by Anton Yankovyi

Anton Yankovyi /

"Fishing on stilts is very common in many Asian countries, but most of all in Sri Lanka, in the Ahangama village. Early in the morning, as soon as the sun rises, local fishermen climb the poles to the level of about two metres and spend many hours there every day. A few years ago they typically earned less than 200 rupees ($1.60) a day, which meant they were unable to afford to pay for their children’s education or other basic needs." – Anton Yankovyi

"Garbage for Money", Jambi, Indonesia, by Hendi Syarifuddin

Hendi Syarifuddin/

"The men were collecting garbage which could be sold and recycled." – Hendi Syarifuddin

"If You Want to Get Ahead...", Brazil, by Patience

Patience /

"In Brazil if you want to sell hats to an ever-shifting tourist crowd, the best way is to carry your stock to them." – Patience

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