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    31 Photos That Show The Striking Diversity Of Workplaces Around The World

    Time to broaden your career horizons?

    Forget the familiar office, retail shop, or factory; these competition pictures capture unusual, brutal, and sometimes beautiful workplaces in which some people earn a living., the online photography community, ran the international photo contest to show the world the striking range of workplaces around the world.

    Instead of an official photographic jury, the winning images were picked by public online crowdvoting.

    Winner: "Fisherman at Work", Thailand, by Duangmon Chaturapitaporn

    Runner-Up: "Flock", Tuscany, Italy, by Krzysztof Browko

    Other Entries

    "Head for Heights", London, England, by Naf Selmani

    "Torreadora", Transylvania, Romania, by Pal Szilagyi Palko

    "Afternoon Break", London, England, by Darrell Godliman

    "The Crane Pilot", Nancy, France, by Bastien

    "Foundry Story", Kolkata, India, by Sagnik

    Istanbul, Turkey, by Tolga Ildun

    "Barber in Street", Kolkata, India, by Subrata Adhikary

    "Leathersmith", Shropshire, England, by Jasmine

    "Science Museum Café", London, England, by Darrell Godliman

    "Porters", Java, Indonesia, by Marek Kosiba

    "Sri Lanka's Stilt Fisherman" by Anton Yankovyi

    "Welding" by Ouladallah Amine

    "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", Dublin, Ireland, by Sean McMahon

    "And There Was Life", Emalahleni, South Africa, by Leon

    "Men at Work", London, England, by Maggie Railton

    "Pole Dancer", Barcelona, Spain, by Björn Svensson

    "Bric-a-Brac", Aix-en-Provence, France, by Mal Smith

    "Orange on White", by Shaikh Jan Mohammad

    "A Break From Work", London, England, by João Pico

    "Sandgirl", Weston-super-Mare, England, by Gary Owens

    "Garbage for Money", Jambi, Indonesia, by Hendi Syarifuddin

    "If You Want to Get Ahead...", Brazil, by Patience

    "Nusa Lembongan", Bali, Indonesia, by Peter Sawers

    "Sports Photographer" by melis82

    "Milking", Kanagawa, Japan, by Masayuki Yamashita

    "Break the Line", near Burnley, England, by Kevin Rushton

    "The Rice Makers", Bangladesh, by Ata Mohammad Adnan

    "Walking the Track" by Russell Edwards