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    24-Hour London Seen In 24 Striking Photos

    The CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition lays down the challenge of encapsulating 24-hour city life.

    Midnight - 'Soho', by Karen Shivas.

    1am - 'Canary Wharf', by Bill Green.

    2am - 'Cable Car', by Lucas More.

    3am - 'The Commuter', by Elliot Kell.

    4am - 'London', by Mike Deere.

    Launched in 2007, the Urban Photographer of the Year now receives around 8,000 entries from more than 115 countries.

    5am - 'Perfect Timing', by Teodoro Duran.

    6am - 'Rise', by James Murray.

    7am - 'Vertical', by David Candlish.

    This collection of photos show some of the entries from the competition's 2013 challenge.

    8am - 'Fitness', by Nagy Melinda.

    9am - 'The Bridge', by Nicolas Casana.

    10am - 'City Hall', by Stuart Kerr.

    11am - 'Snap in Time', by Stephen Miller.

    Midday - 'Time Out', by David Candlish.

    The theme "Cities at Work" is designed to challenge amateur and professional photographers to capture what they consider to be the essence of urban life at any time of day, be it poignant, inspiring, quirky or amusing

    1pm - 'Shard Window Cleaner', by Samara Deen.

    2pm - 'Mass Transport', by Oliver Hine.

    3pm - 'Regeneration', by Gemma O'Connor.

    4pm - 'This Way Back To London', by Oliver Hine.

    5pm - 'Many Means of Travel', by Brydn Webb.

    6pm - 'Men', by Tim Hunt.

    7pm - 'London Office Block', by Heather Buckley.

    8pm - 'Sunset in London', by Scott Davies.

    9pm - 'The Circus', by Sharif Islam.

    10pm - 'War of the Worlds with a bit of 'Close Encounters' thrown in', by Simon Hadleigh Sparks.

    11pm - 'Light Trails at St Pauls', by Teodoro Duran.