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    15 Disney Characters That Were Cut From Their Films Way Too Soon

    Mheetu! Louis! Baldy!

    1. Louis from The Rescuers


    Louis almost starred in the 1977 film The Rescuers but was unfortunately cut when his voice actor, Louis Prima, suffered a heart attack in 1973. The kind bear was supposed to be best friends with Bernard, Miss Bianca, and Penny, as well as a skilled violinist and unicycle rider.

    2. Redfeather from Pocahontas


    Redfeather was supposed to be Pocahontas' talking turkey sidekick, but was eventually cut for two reasons: the death of his intended voice actor, John Candy, and the decision to have the film's animal characters be mute. He was later replaced by Meeko.

    3. The Puppy from Alice in Wonderland


    Yep! Alice would've had to flee from a happy-go-lucky Puppy on her way to meet the Mad Hatter and March Hare in the first storyboards of Alice in Wonderland! In the end, the Cheshire Cat was planned to have saved Alice by scaring the Puppy away.

    4. Señorita Cactus from Toy Story 2

    Disney / Pixar

    Señorita Cactus was originally going to be the third member of Woody's Roundup Gang in Toy Story 2 before she was eventually replaced by Jessie! Pricky and not overly fond of children, she actually makes a cameo in Toy Story 4 in the pinball machine scene.

    5. The Fujitas from Big Hero 6


    The Fujitas were supposedly going to be Yama's amazing female henchmen in Big Hero 6, but their roles were eventually removed from the film as Yama's role as villain grew smaller and became more comedic.

    6. Xerek from The Incredibles

    Disney / Pixar

    Xerek was supposed to be the villain in The Incredibles, but was later replaced by Syndrome because the producers liked his character more. Don't worry though; Xerek still gets to shine as the villain in The Incredibles comic series!

    7. Mheetu from The Lion King


    We love everything about Mheetu, Nala's younger brother, from The Lion King. He was supposedly going to be sweet, innocent, and gullible in nature and a known troublemaker too. If only he had made it into the final cut of the film!

    8. Mick, Bowie, and Lemmy from The Emperor's New Groove


    Mick, Bowie, and Lemmy were originally Yzma's three assistants in Kingdom of the Sun, the working title of The Emperor's New Groove. Their names were inspired by three famous rock stars: Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones), David Bowie, and Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead). Rock on!

    9. The Unused Dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


    Unfortunately, there were more than a fair few dwarfs who didn't make the final cut of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Those include: Baldy, Awful, Gloomy, and Jumpy!

    10. Jack Savage from Zootopia


    Did you know that Zootopia was first pitched as a spy thriller? Its main character, a spy bunny named Jack Savage, was supposed to leave Zootopia on a covert mission to the South Seas. However, the studio loved the idea of an all-animal city, and Jack later gave his role as protagonist to another bunny, Judy Hopps.

    11. Rabbit's Friends and Relations from 2011's Winnie the Pooh


    Rabbits Friends and Relations just didn't make the final cut of 2011's Winnie The Pooh, but these Hundred Acre Wood critters sure are cute enough in our book!

    12. Gendarme from Pinocchio


    Referenced in the film but not actually seen, Gendarme would've played an antagonistic role in Pinocchio by blocking Geppetto from seeing a poster for Stromboli's Puppet Show with Pinocchio's face on it. He does, however, make an appearance guarding Pleasure Island on the Disneyland ride Pinocchio's Daring Journey.

    13. Aladdin's Mother from Aladdin


    In the original storyline of Aladdin, Aladdin's mom was disappointed that he looked after them by stealing. He would then vow to make it right in the song "Proud Of Your Boy", which was later scrapped alongside her character to streamline the film. "Proud Of Your Boy" was later replaced by "One Jump Ahead" but is now included in the musical version of Aladdin.

    14. Music Box from Beauty and the Beast


    The Music Box was a scrapped character from Beauty and the Beast who spoke through chiming musical notes! Though he makes a brief cameo in the film fighting villagers, he originally had a much bigger role before he was eclipsed by Chip's character. In fact, he was originally supposed to try to save Belle and Maurice from the cellar with Maurice's machine!

    15. Beau from Tangled


    Beau was supposed to be a beloved dog sidekick to Bastion, Rapunzel's original love interest in the film Tangled. He was later replaced by Maximus and Pascal.

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