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    10 Greatest Trains To Ride On

    Trains are one of the good ways to travel, so here are 10 trains we all love to ride on.

    1. The Pere Marquette 1225

    Pere Marquette 1225 is a 2-8-4 "Berkshire" type steam locomotive built in December 6, 1941 for the Pere Marquette Railway by Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio.

    2. Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

    Set nearly two feet closer together than standard rail lines, this historic narrow-gauge railroad was built during the silver mining boom specifically so it could hang onto sharper curves and clear tighter spaces on mountainsides. No doubt, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is a thrill to ride along the Animas River.

    3. Grand Canyon Railway

    Arriving at Grand Canyon National Park on this rail line, as visitors did in 1901 when the railway opened, helps you imagine what a remote, inaccessible wonder the canyon once was. You can still ride in the Grand Canyon Railway’s historical cars pulled along by the “French Fry Express,” a converted 1923 locomotive that now runs on recycled waste vegetable oil from South Rim restaurants.

    4. Amtrak's Coast Starlight

    Sit back and watch the world go by on one of America’s best train journeys. You’ll cross lofty trestles, swoop through long tunnels, snake alongside rivers, and flank canyons — seeing parts of the country accessible only by rail.

    5. Cass Scenic Railroad

    Steve Shaluta

    n the mountains of West Virginia, steam-driven Shay locomotives still run on the same line once used to haul lumber to the mill in Cass in 1901. The old logging flat cars have since been refurbished to carry passengers from May through October.

    6. Campo Railway Museum

    The Camp Railway Museum runs a vintage train from Campo to the Mexican border. The experience offers open vistas, secluded valleys and spectacular views.

    7. Pacific Surfliner

    This Amtrak route hugs the Pacific Coast starting from San Luis Obispo where you can explore the lively college town or venture out to nearby wineries or a historic mission. From there, ride in comfort for 350 miles of ocean views with beaches, rocky coastline, quaint towns, and little between you and the blue Pacific.

    8. Napa Valley Wine Train

    Sammy Todd Dyess Photography / Courtesy of the Napa Valley Wine Train

    Riding through rows of grapevines, across farmland, and past picturesque wineries with a backdrop of green hills is one of the pleasures of the 36-mile round trip from Downtown Napa to St. Helena.

    9. Copper Canyon Railroad

    This journey crosses some of Mexico’s most spectacular terrain, much of it inaccessible by other means. Said to be four times the size of the Grand Canyon, Copper Canyon in the northwest state of Chihuahua is actually several canyons, the deepest at 6,167 feet.

    10. Jacobite Steam Train

    Starting in the Scottish Highlands town of Fort William near Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, this 84-mile round-trip train journey winds through green hills, crystal blue lochs, deep valleys, and quaint villages. A highlight of the trip is the crossing of the 21-arched Glenfinnan Viaduct with its graceful curves and towering columns, overlooking Loch Shiel and the Jacobite monument. Harry Potter fans will recognize this view as well as the steam engine and carriages which became the Hogwarts Express, courtesy of West Coast Railways which operates the Jacobite.

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