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    10 Facts About The Goosebumps Film

    For this list, here are some facts that you need to know about the goosebumps film.

    1. The film was originally going to be a film by DreamWorks Pictures in the 90's when they were starting and had their interactive studio distribute two Goosebumps PC games. But lost the rights to Sony Pictures when production failed in 1998.

    2. Tim Burton was originally going to produce the film in 1998, and was attached to it. However, the project fell through.

    3. Goosebumps is the first Sony Pictures Animation's live-action film.

    4. The movie was originally going to be released on August 7, 2015, but was pushed back to April 15, 2016, then once more to October 16, 2015, most likely to fit in with the Halloween spirit, or make it close to the 20th anniversary of the TV adaptation of The Haunted Mask.

    5. Mr. Stine makes the comment that he has sold more books than author Stephen King. Surprisingly, this line of the film is true. King having sold over 350 million books and R.L. Stine having sold over 400 million books.

    6. Original Goosebumps artist Tim Jacobus did the artwork for, "The Invisible Boy's Revenge".

    7. The movie's creepiest character of all was Murder the Clown from "A Nightmare on Clown Street".

    8. The actor who plays the Bog Monster in the movie is married to the actress who plays the Snake Lady.

    9. The hardest creature to create was Fifi the Vampire Poodle from "Please Don't Feed the Vampire!".

    10. The movie got a sequel.

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