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    30 Examples Of Terrible And/Or Wonderful Fan Art

    Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. If it doesn't contain Hitler, it probably has ponies.

    1. The Crucifixion of Grover

    2. 9/11 Is Magic

    3. Inflation Mario Cart

    The goomba on the left? That's the only appropriate response to this picture.

    4. Reddit-gasm

    5. Launchpad McQuack is DTF

    6. ...and so is Birdo.

    7. No Country for Old Muppets

    8. The Storying

    9. Abide in Wonderland

    10. Avatar Hitler

    11. Halflife Time

    12. Propane is Magic

    13. ...and more Ponies.

    14. Stalin is Magic

    15. The Cuban Pony Crisis

    16. MegaMan 2: Judgement Day

    17. Sonic Devouring His Tails

    18. WiggumDuck

    19. Johnny Eraser

    20. (later tails came to the lord)

    21. Proud Dads /for/ Ron Paul

    22. Smokey the Bear eating Ranger Rick

    23. i don't have a caption for this i'm sorry

    24. Fish and Apples don't fund a Nookingtons.

    25. Ralph Wiggum in Akira

    26. Henry + Glenn: The Dark Knights

    27. ED-209 Fling

    28. Bamblien

    29. Neckbeards are Magic

    30. And finally a palate-cleanser. This one's just plain wonderful.