• 1. Cool Beer Guy

    I know this dude’s been on the home page, but he didn’t get nearly enough Photoshop love.

  • 2. Tim Riggins


  • 3. Steve Buscemi

    Remember when this guy was in everything?! Let’s make that happen again.

  • 4. Fox Mulder

    Just look at him.

  • 5. Archbishop Desmond Tutu

    First, he’s an archbishop. Second, his wardrobe is amazing!

  • 6. Ted Williams

    Went to two world wars and was the last person to hit .400. Damn.

  • 7. Frank Lapidus

    Lapidus DEFINITELY deserves to be on this list.

  • 8. Brian Williams

    This man will report the news from the inside of a tornado in the middle of a hurricane!

  • 9. Techno Viking

    This dude still exists somewhere.

  • 10. Chad Kroeger

    Chad is just asking for it!