Straight Kids Loved The Action In "Power Rangers," But Queer Children Of The '90s Discovered Something Deeper

    The Power Rangers were a global phenomenon in the '90s, but they held a special place in the hearts of queer youth who were just coming into their sexuality.

    Go Go Power Rangers!

    The red, black, pink, yellow, and blue ranger pose with their hands on their hips

    Girl Power!

    Kimberly the pink ranger (left) and Trini the yellow ranger (right)

    Billy Be Still My Heart

    Power Ranger fan Dannie Stiles poses with original Blue Ranger David Yost at a fan convention

    The Rangers Served High Camp

    Lord Zedd dances with Rita Repulsa

    A Little Spandex Goes A Long Way

    The power rangers pose with their helmets off

    Authentically Awesome

    The power rangers overlooking a cliff

    Go Go Queer Community!

    Hands make a heart shape in front of a pride flag