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    The Cast Of Netflix's "The Circle" A Year Later

    Hey Circle. New Message. "Show me pictures of the cast." Send.

    Remember the Netflix reality TV show The Circle, aka the last thing you watched before the pandemic/the first thing you watched in quarantine?

    Netflix / Via

    It was the show wherein strangers only interacted through a social media platform called the Circle (hence the name).

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    The contestants would rank each other, slowly eliminating or "blocking" their competitors one by one until the last player remaining took home $100K.

    Some players were catfishing, some were real, and we ate up all the juicy drama!

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    It's been over a year since Season 1 dropped and Season 2 is just around the corner (coming to Netflix on April 14), so let's take a minute to see what our favorite social media moguls are up to.

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    Here's what the cast is up to:

    Alana Duval on The Circle

    Alana applying lip gloss on "The Circle"

    The 25-year-old model from Brownsville, Texas, didn’t last long in the Circle apartment complex, becoming the show’s original casualty. At the end of the first episode, the influencers sent her home believing she was a catfish. Turned out, she was just pretty.

    Alana Now

    Antonio DePína on The Circle

    Antonio on The Circle

    Season 1’s second boot was the 24-year-old professional basketball player from Delaware. After being one of the original influencers, he was blocked by Shooby and Chris in Episode 4 as neither had a strong relationship with him.

    Antonio Now

    Karyn Blanco on The Circle

    Karyn cutting food on "The Circle"

    Karyn ran into trouble almost immediately as the rest of the cast clocked her catfish attempt. The 37-year-old from The Bronx pretended to be a 27-year-old girl named Mercedeze she’d found on social media. With nearly the entire cast accusing her of lying, she was an easy boot for Shooby and Sammie in Episode 6.

    Karyn Now

    Miranda Bissonnette on The Circle

    Miranda on The Circle

    As we’d see over and over throughout the series, anyone who arrived after Episode 1 struggled to find their footing. The 26-year-old free spirit from California entered the game upon Alana’s exit and never gelled with the group. Despite flirting with Joey (and sharing a brief makeout sesh after her elimination), he didn’t save her and she was the fourth contestant sent packing.

    Miranda Now

    Bill Cranley on The Circle

    Bill on "The Circle"

    Another late edition, the 27-year-old from Chicago joined the series at the halfway point, and was sent packing only three episodes later when he came in last in the rankings.

    Bill Now

    Alex Lake on The Circle

    Alex wearing overalls on "The Circle"

    Immediately after Bill’s departure, Alex, a 32-year-old nerd in overalls catfishing as a creepy hunk named Adam, was booted by Seaburn and Shooby. Prior to his exit and in perhaps the best scene of the whole season, Alex joined Seaburn on a date in which catfish Alex flirted with catfish Rebecca.

    Alex Now

    Sean Taylor on The Circle

    Sean on "The Circle"

    Ugh! I was DEVESTATED when Sean (aka my favorite) was sent home in episode 10 by Joey. A plus-size social media manager from NYC, Sean began her stint catfishing with the photos of a slimmer friend before opening up to the cast and sharing her real photos. She was smart. She was funny. She was gone too soon.

    Sean Now

    Ed and Tammy Eason on The Circle

    Ed and Tammy sitting on the couch on "The Circle"

    The mother/son pair from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, was the last to enter the game in Episode 8. The duo played as Ed (usually with Tammy throwing out horrible suggestions for his DMs) and were blocked by the final five, all of whom had entered on day one.

    Ed and Tammy Now

    Seaburn Williams on The Circle

    Seaburn with his giant teddy bear on "The Circle"

    While Seaburn started strong in his catfishing of the others as his 26-year-old girlfriend Rebecca, the Bostonian came in fifth during the finale as the others began suspecting something was up. The look on Shooby’s face when Rebecca turned out to be a man, however, was priceless.

    Seaburn Now

    Chris Sapphire on The Circle

    Chris in bed on "The Circle"

    The fabulous 30-year-old graphic designer from Dallas came in fourth overall. From his sequined jackets to his constant prayers, he was one of the show’s most notable characters.

    Chris Now

    Sammie Cimarelli on The Circle

    Sammie Cimarelli on "The Circle"

    Another piece of casting gold, the 24-year-old from Miami gracefully negotiated friendship with the girls and flirting from the guys. Finishing third, Sammie’s bluntness was refreshing on a show all about social media posturing.

    Sammie Now

    Shubham "Shooby" Goel on The Circle

    Shooby on "The Circle"

    For someone who spent the majority of the season discussing his disdain for social media, Shooby ended up doing pretty well for himself. The lovably earnest 23-year-old virtual reality designer from California finished second.

    Shooby Now

    Joey Sasso on The Circle

    Joey on the couch in "The Circle"

    In the biggest shocker of the season, the person we thought was cast as the douchey Jersey Shore wannabe ended up being the lovable class clown with a heart of gold. The 25-year-old bartender from Rochester took home the grand prize after befriending his fellow cast members and winning over America.

    Joey Now