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    The Cast Of Netflix's "The Circle" A Year Later

    Hey Circle. New Message. "Show me pictures of the cast." Send.

    Remember the Netflix reality TV show The Circle, aka the last thing you watched before the pandemic/the first thing you watched in quarantine?

    It was the show wherein strangers only interacted through a social media platform called the Circle (hence the name).

    Some players were catfishing, some were real, and we ate up all the juicy drama!

    It's been over a year since Season 1 dropped and Season 2 is just around the corner (coming to Netflix on April 14), so let's take a minute to see what our favorite social media moguls are up to.

    Here's what the cast is up to:

    Alana Duval on The Circle

    Alana applying lip gloss on "The Circle"

    Alana Now

    Antonio DePína on The Circle

    Antonio on The Circle

    Antonio Now

    Karyn Blanco on The Circle

    Karyn cutting food on "The Circle"

    Karyn Now

    Miranda Bissonnette on The Circle

    Miranda on The Circle

    Miranda Now

    Bill Cranley on The Circle

    Bill on "The Circle"

    Bill Now

    Alex Lake on The Circle

    Alex wearing overalls on "The Circle"

    Alex Now

    Sean Taylor on The Circle

    Sean on "The Circle"

    Sean Now

    Ed and Tammy Eason on The Circle

    Ed and Tammy sitting on the couch on "The Circle"

    Ed and Tammy Now

    Seaburn Williams on The Circle

    Seaburn with his giant teddy bear on "The Circle"

    Seaburn Now

    Chris Sapphire on The Circle

    Chris in bed on "The Circle"

    Chris Now

    Sammie Cimarelli on The Circle

    Sammie Cimarelli on "The Circle"

    Sammie Now

    Shubham "Shooby" Goel on The Circle

    Shooby on "The Circle"

    Shooby Now

    Joey Sasso on The Circle

    Joey on the couch in "The Circle"

    Joey Now