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    Here Are 36 Tweets Detailing Why Natasha Romanoff Is Freaking Amazing In "Black Widow"

    We're also celebrating her cool hairdos.

    In case you were unaware, Marvel's new film Black Widow came out last week in theaters and on Disney+.

    Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, is pretty much a badass in the film from start to finish, so here are a bunch of tweets celebrating her awesomeness. AND SPOILERS ABOUND!

    1. Obviously people were complimenting Natasha Romanoff's fighting prowess.

    With the amount of hardAF hits Natasha took in #BlackWidow, it’s really badass that the only way she died in the MCU (Endgame) was to literally choose to. And even THAT was a fight/struggle. Respect.

    Twitter: @Ceedro

    2. And specifically the scene where she fights Yelena.

    Such a badass fight scene #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @ClarksKryptonx

    3. Which seemed perhaps too realistic for some people with siblings.

    black widow did an amazing job at researching for this fight scene, this is exactly what having siblings looks like when mom is not home

    Twitter: @romanovbelova

    4. They were also excited that Natasha got some action scenes all to herself after sharing airtime in the Avengers films.

    black widow movie gave me the black widow fight scenes i badly wanted to see in endgame

    Twitter: @gelifish__

    5. They complimented her "badass running."

    #BlackWidow spoilers . . . just natasha and yelena looking so badass running while theres an explosion on the back

    Twitter: @themarvelparker

    6. As well as Black Widow's signature fighting pose.

    Twitter: @cinnamongiirI

    7. And how generally unstoppable she is!

    cw// #blackwidow spoilers!!!! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - she’s a badass. the hardest bitch in the room. always.

    Twitter: @simpforwhitemen

    8. People loved how Natasha lifted up other women instead of putting them down.

    Something i really liked about #BlackWidow movie is instead of man bashing to make it feminist, they show how women lift up other women. It was heartwarming to see the sisterhood of all those women coming together to help each other❤️

    Twitter: @ScarlettForum

    9. We stan a ponytail.

    My favorite part of black widow was when Natasha finally put her hair in a ponytail

    Twitter: @rosedommu

    10. And were glad that Natasha had time to tie a few braids.

    you can’t tell me this didn’t happen #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @maxyartwork / Instagram: @maxyartwork

    11. But also perhaps red hair just makes you more powerful?

    something about redheads #WandaVision #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @mcumagik

    12. A lot of people celebrated the long journey of Natasha Romanoff within the MCU.

    Thinking about Scarlett Johansson for her an amazing, incredible 11 years journey as badass Natasha Romanoff thank you #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @doraemaynat

    13. Such as her signature smirk.

    WE can’t wait to see the smirk of natasha romanoff again in #BlackWidow #NatashaRomanoff

    Twitter: @foreverstevenat

    14. Or all the lewks she's served over the years.

    "sweet to say goodbye, but when you love something you need to set it free." #BlackWidow #NatashaRomanoff

    Twitter: @scarflozzie

    15. She's practically Taylor Swift?

    you know what do natasha romanoff and taylor swift share in common? they both have specific hairstyles for every era in time (which is iconic). also, they’re such damn good posers 😁

    Twitter: @luresofloki

    16. We couldn't get enough of Natasha's relationship with Yelena (even if it did make us sad).

    the first and the last time they shared a smile after 21 years #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @natashasmygem

    17. And, like, was Yelena googling Natasha?

    the fact that Yelena knows that Natasha does the pose thing in every fight suggests that she has seen her fighting many times and that at some point she googled "Natasha Romanoff fighting compilation" and honestly how can you blame her

    Twitter: @rovmanova

    18. Plus, the behind-the-scenes Scarlett Johansson/Florence Pugh friendship just made us like them more.

    The fact that this was the first filming of Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh together but look at how close they are right away #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @doraemaynat

    19. But then Yelena gave Natasha the vest that she'd ultimately wear in Infinity War, and the waterworks started to flow.

    #BlackWidow spoilers - - - - - i’m gonna cry

    Twitter: @rcvenquake

    20. Twitter loved how great Natasha's aim was.

    “at least you know i’m a better shot when i’m pissed off” #blackwidow

    Twitter: @comfortscarflo

    21. And how she's the one who helped reunite the Avengers.

    natasha's last scene in the mcu was her going to "see if I can help patch things up..." which is what she did, whatever it takes they said and it took natasha romanoff in the end

    Twitter: @rovmanova

    22. There was also a lot of love for her status as an Ohioan.

    Natasha Romanoff: Just a Kid From Ohio #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @Reflog_18

    23. Even if a Jeopardy champion felt she should have just stayed there the whole time.

    If I was Black Widow’s family, I would simply continue to speak the perfect unaccented English I spoke while living undercover in Ohio.

    Twitter: @KenJennings

    24. And perhaps her time in Ohio left her a little shy about piloting a plane?

    #BlackWidow - - remember in the avengers when steve asked nat if she knew how to pilot, and she looked kind of shaken? what if it was because she was remembering the first time she learned.

    Twitter: @natashaxrogers

    25. People loved that she was a Sag.

    it just makes so much sense that natasha romanoff is a sagittarius , like a redhead with a fiery spirit is just her

    Twitter: @adhdfitz

    26. Who knows how to pronounce words.

    How to pronounce 'Budapest' with #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @blackwidowgifs

    27. Of course, we couldn't get enough of Disney+ changing all of the film posters to shots of Black Widow. It's honestly what she deserves.

    Natasha Romanoff owning Disney+ as she should. Disney+'s #BlackWidow era #NatashaRomanoff

    Twitter: @chrisdadeviant

    28. But there were also lots of bittersweet tweets crying over Natasha's ultimate fate in Endgame.

    ☐ single ☐ dating ☑ crying over natasha romanoff

    Twitter: @strongsparker

    29. Everything is more painful now that we know she has a family.

    can u imagine how much more painful natasha’s death would have been if we’d had the black widow movie first

    Twitter: @616BVCKYNAT

    30. With family tattoos, I might add!

    Just realized he has "Natasha" and "Yelena" tattooed on his arm in Russian 🥺 #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @jowrotethis

    31. The movie's ending had Twitter ugly crying.

    “natasha romanoff daughter, sister, avenger”

    Twitter: @filmsnat

    32. And wishing she'd come back to life.

    i have 99 problems and natasha romanoff whistling back would solve every single one of them

    Twitter: @romanovhas

    33. Maybe Natasha was rickrolling us the entire time?

    right now natasha romanoff is never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. she is also never gonna run around and desert you. never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye. never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

    Twitter: @whatnatisdoing

    34. Basically we need more Natasha Romanoff films.

    Say "i" if you think Natasha Romanoff needs a trilogy.

    Twitter: @natasha_s_detka

    35. And we're going to picket until it happens.

    i came to the conclusion that I can’t live without natasha romanoff and I need her to come back so I’m gonna go to marvel studios with an armed army who is with me?

    Twitter: @rovmanova

    36. To sum it all up...

    Twitter: @olivialiang_