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    Here Are 45 Easter Eggs From The New "Space Jam" Movie — See Which Ones You Missed

    Alternative movie title: "Harry Potter Joins the Toon Squad."

    Space Jam: A New Legacy (aka the sequel starring LeBron James) is now in theaters and streaming!

    And the sheer number of cameos and Easter eggs in this movie will have your jaw hitting the floor.

    Luckily the amateur detectives over on Twitter have helped us unpack the dozens of cameos, most of which come from the DEEP vault of Warner Brothers properties.

    So here are the tweets with all the details:

    1. To start there was an appearance by Big Chungus (aka fat Bugs Bunny), the famous internet meme.

    I watched the new Space Jam today and in the movie Bugs turns into Big Chungus and a kid in the theatre lost his shit so hard his mother had to take him outside. I forgot the entire film on the drive home.

    Twitter: @yoshexe

    2. We also got several old-school Looney Tunes Easter eggs like this pic of Yosemite Sam in the barber shop.

    The portrait of Yosemite Sam in the background is an edited version of his scene from the Looney Tunes Show. I'm surprised I was even able to notice it. #SpaceJam

    Twitter: @El_Omar2203

    3. Or the appearance of the Nintendo Game Boy game Crazy Castle that starred Bugs Bunny.

    Alright, sorry sorry SORRY, Space Jam 2 spoilers incoming. I can't put images in a spoiler tag but I need to talk.. . . . ....I'm LOSING my mind over how Crazy Castle is a plotpoint in LeBron's origin story. Like, not even a fun background easter egg, ACTUAL DEDICATED SCREEN TIME

    Twitter: @Nirbion / Warner Bros.

    4. As well as references to LeBron's career.

    As much as the new "Space Jam" tries to glorify LeBron, at least it includes an early true-to-life scene: Young LeBron missing a last-second shot. Yes, it started early.

    Twitter: @RealSkipBayless

    5. We got some shameless product placement from Nike.

    Look! It’s a Nike Easter egg! #Nike #JustDoIt #SpaceJamMovie @Nike @spacejammovie

    Twitter: @glenn_biz

    6. My future husband, Steven Yeun, showed up for a brief cameo as a Warner Bros. executive.

    steven yeun’s random cameo in space jam my beloved 🫂

    Twitter: @DINDJ4RIN

    7. But unfortunately Wayne Knight from the original Space Jam did not.

    Space Jam 2's biggest sin is not giving us a Wayne Knight cameo

    Twitter: @TheVitoShow

    8. The Nerdlucks, however, are back.

    Space Jam 2 Spoilers // , , , , , THE NERDLUCKS ARE THERE

    Twitter: @codysoyeah

    9. As is Daffy Duck, who the internet is finding sexy?

    "i watched space jam 2 for the plot" the plot:

    Twitter: @pogiiash

    10. Basketball star Vince Carter makes an appearance.

    The best part of the new Space Jam was the Vince Carter “it’s over” Easter egg…

    Twitter: @TheNotoriousPHE

    11. And so do Rick and Morty.

    The Rick and Morty cameo in Space Jam: A New Legacy officially made this movie good, I was on the fence for a little #SpaceJamMovie

    Twitter: @RealNBAExpert

    12. And Don Cheadle dressed up as Bill Belichick.

    Little nod to Bill Belichick in the new Space Jam Movie. Although they have the feared hoodie coaching the Goon Squad 😭

    Twitter: @SpikeKing76

    13. The WB Water Tower can be seen in the background.

    The Water Tower is Also in Space Jam. I was so happy when i saw the water tower the animaniacs are my favorite show.

    Twitter: @_CJ2468

    14. As well as a a whole host of Hanna-Barbera characters.

    Twitter: @80sBaby90sKid_

    15. Since Warner Bros. owns DC Comics, we saw plenty of DC characters pop up, such as when Bugs and LeBron fought crime as Batman and Robin.

    If there's one thing I learned after watching 'Space Jam: A New Legacy' is that LeBron is a Robin and he will never be a Batman.

    Twitter: @bayoonds

    16. Or when Batman himself showed up in the audience for the final basketball game.

    Twitter: @M0zZY2025

    17. Joining him was Jack Nicholson's version of the joker.

    It was nice to see @greggturkington in the new space jam movie as the iconic “Joker”

    Twitter: @redfieldcooper

    18. And Joaquin Phoenix's version is seen on a poster at Warner Bros.

    Twitter: @thesolarcoffee

    19. Mr. Freeze can be seen in the game's audience.

    Twitter: @TheBat_Family

    20. As can two different versions of Batman's nemesis the Penguin.

    Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait that DANNY DeVITO *AND* BURGESS MEREDITH PENGUINS?! AND THE MASK?!!! #SpaceJam

    Twitter: @darthramious

    21. Lola Bunny runs into another DC character, Wonder Woman.

    I’d definitely watch an animated Lola-Wonder Woman crossover movie or show. #SpaceJam

    Twitter: @brienedwards1

    22. And even this random guy from Batman Returns is here.

    @mrsundaymovies @wikipediabrown #weeklyplanetpod just wanted to point out that the new Space Jam included the guy Batman lit on fire in Batman Returns

    Twitter: @Live_FMPB

    23. Warner Bros. took advantage of their Harry Potter properties and included Lord Voldemort as a basketball spectator.

    Did you all see #voldemort in #SpaceJamANewLegacy ?!?! @spacejammovie #harrypotter #easteregg #cameo #SpaceJam

    Twitter: @BowDownToGabe

    24. And we learn that LeBron is actually a Hufflepuff.

    @RachelLoveDisny saw space jam.... Harry Potter scene.. he's in Hufflepuff! WE GOT LEBRON FREAKING JAMES BABY!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @sodalite64

    25. Wile E. Coyote spends some time in the Mad Max universe.

    Mad Max Wile E. is the best thing we're ever gonna get from Space Jam 2.

    Twitter: @DrewAtTheMovies

    26. And then the War Boys show up to the game.

    I’m certain others have pointed this out, but are those FURY ROAD War Boys in the new SPACE JAM? Odd. (However, if Leto Joker shows up talking about reacharounds with Elmer Fudd? Instant Five Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

    Twitter: @neuroticmonkey

    27. It's Pennywise is lurking around.

    Pennywise and Mr. Freeze are in the new Space Jam film 😂

    Twitter: @Jonny_the_chef

    28. They inserted Yosemite Sam into Casablanca.

    Oh. My. God. I don’t even know what to say… this has left me literally speechless. #SpaceJamANewLegacy #Casablanca #SpaceJam #SpaceJamMovie #SpaceJam2

    Twitter: @jpooch21

    29. And of course repurposed the film's iconic line.

    Say what you want about the new Space Jam movie, but I'm still dead from that Casablanca/Yosemite Sam bit "Play it, Sam"

    Twitter: @katalves18c

    30. Morpheus from The Matrix pops up.

    can’t believe Morpheus is in Space Jam 2 and not Matrix 4

    Twitter: @KevKoeser

    31. As do other characters from classic cinema.

    Not Baby Jane and a Wizard of Oz monkey in the #SpaceJam trailer

    Twitter: @awards_watch

    32. Scooby and his gang of meddling kids watch LeBron play ball.

    Mystery Inc in Space Jam 2, their power

    Twitter: @LeeMontgomery7

    33. As do some familiar faces from A Clockwork Orange and Game of Thrones.

    Not the Night King and the Droogs from Clockwork Orange making a cameo in Space Jam 😩

    Twitter: @Valsterr27

    34. People were especially excited about the GoT references (and of course the dragons).

    Tfw you find out Game of Thrones characters are in the new Space Jam

    Twitter: @kwhitesays

    35. The Mask was represented.

    so happy for the extra that gets to say they played The Mask in Space Jam 2

    Twitter: @dfntly

    36. As was a not-so-Christlike nun.

    In Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021), a nun from the X-Rated movie "The Devils" shows up in a prominent background role

    Twitter: @moviedetail

    37. King Kong and The Iron Giant watched LeBron battle his son on the court.

    I watched the Space Jam 2 trailer again and I noticed the moment where King Kong and The Iron Giant fist pumped.

    Twitter: @LazybonesInc

    38. Although this version of the Iron Giant appears to actually be from Ready Player One.

    The funniest thing about The Iron Giant in Space Jam 2 is that they even re-used his CGI model from Ready Player One.

    Twitter: @ACriticalHuman

    39. The Gremlins also showed up.

    Space Jam : A New Legacy was fun. Some funny moments, some I rolled my eyes at, but on the whole, an enjoyable sequel. I still prefer #SpaceJam though. Loved seeing Stripe & two Gremlins before the Dom-Ball Basketball Game too. #SpaceJamMovie #SpaceJamANewLegacy #SpaceJam2

    Twitter: @BigDoots1982

    40. Space Jam 2 also had a few baffling Easter eggs, such as this one to Pixar?

    Um, @spacejammovie has the A-113 Easter Egg? They're not @Pixar .

    Twitter: @robobregon

    41. And maybe the yellow character from Among Us?

    Twitter: @HeyItsLefty

    42. The best cameo, however, was Michael B. Jordan...

    The Michael B. Jordan cameo in Space Jam 2 had me in tears and is already funnier than any moment of the original film.

    Twitter: @ACriticalHuman

    43. ...who treated us with the catchphrase from Friday Night Lights, the show where he got his start.

    when michael b jordan showed up in space jam and did the friday night lights “clear eyes full hearts...” chant I was the only person in the theatre to yell back “CAN’T LOSE”

    Twitter: @spidermannwh

    44. I wonder how the original Michael Jordan feels about all of this.

    Michael Jordan when he sees Michael (B) Jordan in Space Jam 2 Electric Bugaloo.

    Twitter: @buddydanger

    Did you notice anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!